Chat room speak and Chat Acronyms

I’m sure if your new to our chat room you are unfamiliar with some of the chat room lingo, I have attempted to list the ones we use on world of chat as there are many different ones, but lots that are not used

Here is a list of chat abbreviations.

  • asl – Age sex and location
  • Woc – World of chat
  • lol – Laugh out loud
  • lmao – laugh my ass off
  • lmfao – Laugh my feckin ass off
  • rofl – Rolling on the floor laughing
  • roflmao – Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
  • lolz – Laugh out loud with a cherry on top
  • Omg – Oh My god
  • brb – Be right back
  • hb – Hurry back
  • ttfn – Ta Ta for now
  • tc – Take Care
  • wtf – What the feck
  • Omfg – Oh my feckin god
  • M8 – Mate
  • Cu l8er – See you later
  • Plz – Please
  • gr8 – Great
  • Ic – I see
  • Every1 – Everyone
  • bbl – Be back later
  • wtf – What the Feck
  • dyi – for your information

I’m sure there are loads I have missed I will add them as they come to light.

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