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Java chat rooms have been around a long time now, they are usually quite basic chat rooms, java chat rooms have good points and bad points.

Java chat rooms tend to be very flexible and if you know a lot about java, you can customise them to however you like them, also with the option to add other features although this does take some knowledge of java. People often embed these kind of chat rooms into their forums or their websites as they are often easy to set up and maintain.

The problem with java chat rooms is java itself, which you need to keep up to date and normally you have to download the latest version of java to get these chat rooms working, this can be frustrating especially if you didn’t know this before hand, java is a very big program so can also be unstable at times.

Also java chat rooms can be slow to load and tend to be quite bland looking, although they are very fast once the chat room has loaded and are very stable once up and running.


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bloody hell woc what are you trying to do here, scramble my brain?.lol. I don’t have a clue what all that is about (the entire page I mean) I reckon I’ll just stick to woc at least I have a little, miniscule amount of knowledge of how it Oh, I nearly forgot, I still don’t like the new layout!!!!.lol.