Chatting online for free with your, webcam and mic.

Video chat rooms and webcam chat, has been around some time now, so we have decided to add this facility to our chatroom also.

Video and webcam chat Provided by World of Chat.

World of Chat is now close to its 9th year we have always been a text chat room, with no video or webcam facilities, as our site has gradually grown over the years, we have moved onto faster servers, which enable us to add a webcam facility to our site.

If you want to join in our webcam chat rooms, you need to get yourself a webcam to join in, as if you can see people on their cam only fair they can see you!

Webcams are getting more popular

Chatting online with a webcam is becoming more popular now, it is still unfortunate that some people abuse it, with people constantly looking to show their bits on cam, those sorts of people will be banned from our webcam chat.

Most people use video chat via MSN messenger, but our video chat facility is better than the MSN messenger chat, as our video windows can be resized and made larger.

If you haven’t got a webcam, you can buy one pretty cheap now, they are various prices and generally you get what you pay for, but generally, ¬£20 will get you a really good webcam.


The webcam chat is very easy to use, first, you need to make sure you have installed your webcam properly and test it works on your PC. Generally, if it works on Skype and other applications then it will work on our site as it uses the same settings.

There are 3 ways to enable your cam on World of Chat, one you can log in and then alter your settings at the lobby page as you can see in the image below.

Click the enable A/V icon and it will give you the option to enable your webcam

Click the enable A/V icon and it will give you the option to enable your webcam

Alternate ways to enable your webcam in the chat rooms

If when you log in to the chat you will be given the option to enable or disable your cam with a big box on the main chat screen, if you click enable obviously your webcam will go live.

Or you can click enable AV bottom right-hand corner of the chat rooms once you are in there.

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