World of Chat Help Guide

This page is here to help people with any problems you might be having with world of chat, there are also some instructions on here on how to perform a few basic tasks that may cause the chat room to give you problems.
If you are having problems with slow rooms or a problem with your resolution then there is help for those specific problems on this page.

Where Do I Find Help ?

If you can actually log into the chat room then your first port of call should be the Admin team or a host, so if you enter the chat rooms and look for someone with a name in Red or Green and ask them for help.

If you cannot do either of these things then stick your problems onto an email and email us at the same address above, please try to give as many details as you can, for example your version of windows, your nickname if you have one, you problem in detail and how long you have had this problem.


My Chat Room is Too Big ?

If you find the chat room is too big for your screen and you have tried our low resolution version of our chat room, them please check your resolution you can do this by minimizing all your windows, right clicking with your mouse on the desktop, select settings from the bottom of the menu and then click the settings tab.

Why Are My Chat Rooms Slow / Or My Typing Slow ?

If you are having problems with the rooms going slow or a problem with your typing being slow, then follow the instructions below and clear your temporary files and cookies, You might ask what cookies and temp files are, well when you go on a web site on the Internet before you can view the site it has to download it onto your pc, all these sites are stored on your in a temporary area, this area needs to be cleaned occasionally if this area becomes full then your pc will display sites slowly and might even stop displaying sites altogether.

How To Delete Temp Files and Cookies ?

You might be wondering what temp files and cookies are, well when you go onto a website the website has to be downloaded onto your pc and the files are stored on your PC, so you have to clean them out occasionally, cookies store information, you might notice when you goto a site you used recently it remembers your username etc, well this information is stored by a cookie on your website.

You can do the following or scroll to the end and watch the video on how to use CCLeaner, which is a simple FREE program you can download to delete your temp files and cookies.

Make sure you have the window with the chat room CLOSED and just have this window with these instructions open.

You should see some menus top left hand side of your browser the menus File Edit View Favorites Tools and help.


Go to the tools menu at the top and then click on internet options at the bottom.

You should be on the general tab in the middle of general there is a heading temp Internet files, there is also a delete Cookies button click this and then click ok the egg timer might come on for a few seconds then go off To the right of delete cookies there is temporary Internet files button click this and then put a tick in delete all offline content and click ok the egg timer may come on for a few min’s and it could take a up to 10 min’s depending on how fast your pc is , once you have done this restart your pc and try our chat again.

Please make sure you have  antivirus and a firewall on your PC, more information will appear here  when I have formulated a comprehensive guide.


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