User guide for World of Chat

There are a few things to look out for when you first start our chat room, if you are new to chat rooms or even new to the Internet then I will try to clear up a few questions you may be asking.

Why does it ask me to download Flash Player when I go to the chat?

The very first time you attempt to access World of Chat you may well be prompted with a box asking you to download something called Flash, Flash or Flash player as its commonly known is a free program that is perfectly safe for you to install and is widely known as a plug-in for your browser, you will need to install this to get into the chat room

Why does the chatroom go off the edge of my page ?

Our chat room is designed to work in 1024×768 resolutions or higher, some of you might be saying what is resolution, well the higher the resolution on your PC then the more information your screen can display, If your computer has a low resolution that is why the chat room will overfill your screen, you can check your PCs resolution quite simply if you close all your windows right mouse click on your PCs desktop, left click on settings and click the settings tab of the window shown, there should be a little slider bar on there saying less and more if you slide this to the right you can set a higher resolution click apply and then click OK, if the slider bar will not move to the right then that means your computer doesn’t have any more resolutions available and if the only resolution you have available is 800 x 600 or less then this would suggest your PC is a very old PC and I would suggest some kind of upgrade either a video card update or even maybe a new PC.


How Do I Login ?

Once the room has loaded you will be faced with a screen with a guest tick box username and password at the top and a list of chat rooms available in the main window, if its your first time onto the chat room put a tick in the box at the side of guest, type something into the username box and click on login, it should take a few seconds to log in, then click on the 1st room on the list and you should be logged into our guests room.

I’m logged in now what ?

On entering the room you will see the main room in the main window on the left, and down the right you will see a list of users in a column headed All Users to chat in the main room type your text into the box at the bottom and press return on your keyboard or click on send with your left mouse button you are now chatting

Other chat room tips

If the in room sounds get on your nerves then click the speaker top right for some peace or go to options and emoticon-catsclick the sound options, there are some options to set the sounds settings to how ever you want them.

You can change your icon and text colour by clicking the icons located above where you type your text

You can private message someone by left mouse clicking on someone name and then left clicking on private, please ask before you do this.

You can check someone profile out by left clicking on a persons name, then you should see profile, if you click this it should open a new page.

If you highlight someone name down the right-hand side of the chat room it will show you as chatting to them, to talk into the main room to everyone then click on all users at the top of the right-hand column

You can change your name in the room by clicking the little man at the top of the main room with your name at the side of it.

You can register by clicking signup across the top of the main screen, once you are registered you will get a full profile where you can add a picture and create your own blog.