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  1. Ayrshire is located in the southwest of Scotland and has a population of approximately 156,000 people (2018).
  2. The average house price in Ayrshire is £129,000 (2019).
  3. The unemployment rate in Ayrshire is 3.7%, lower than the UK average of 4.0% (2019).
  4. The average weekly wage in Ayrshire is £527, lower than the UK average of £585 (2019).
  5. The average life expectancy in Ayrshire is 79.3 years for men and 83.1 years for women (2018).
  6. The percentage of the population aged 65 and over in Ayrshire is 18.1%, higher than the UK average of 16.6% (2018).
  7. The percentage of the population aged 16-24 in Ayrshire is 11.9%, lower than the UK average of 13.4% (2018).

What are the Ayrshire chatrooms?

Ayrshire chat rooms are online chat rooms that are specifically designed for people living in or near Ayrshire, Scotland. They are typically hosted on websites or chat platforms that are dedicated to providing a place for people to connect and talk about topics related to the area. The World of Chats rooms are usually moderated by a group of people who are knowledgeable about the area and its culture.

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They are responsible for keeping the conversations civil and ensuring that everyone is respectful of one another.

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What is the purpose of Ayrshire chats?

The purpose of Ayrshire chat rooms is to provide a platform for people from Ayrshire, Scotland, and the surrounding areas to come together and share their experiences, thoughts, and ideas. Ayrshire chat rooms can be used to discuss a variety of topics, from local news and events to hobbies and interests. They can also be used to connect with other Ayrshire locals, allowing users to make new friends and build relationships with people from the same area.

Who can use Ayrshire chat groups?

Ayrshire chat rooms are open to anyone who wishes to use them. They can be used by individuals, groups, or organizations for a variety of purposes. Individuals can use Ayrshire chat rooms to connect with friends and family, discuss topics of interest, and even meet new people. Groups can use Ayrshire chat rooms to collaborate on projects, discuss topics of mutual interest, and even hold virtual meetings.

Ayrshire Chatrooms

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Areas and cities of Ayrshire

Ayrshire is a historic county and a current council area in the southwestern part of Scotland. It is bordered by Renfrewshire to the north and Dumfries and Galloway to the south and southwest. The popular areas and cities in Ayrshire are:

  1. Ayr: This is the largest town in Ayrshire and was a royal burgh. It was known for its beach, castle, and its association with the poet Robert Burns.
  2. Kilmarnock: This is the largest town in East Ayrshire and was a royal burgh. It was known for its industries, including textiles, engineering, and whiskey production.
  3. Irvine: This is a coastal town and was known for its association with the River Irvine, the Beach Park, and the nearby Eglinton Country Park.
  4. Prestwick: This is a coastal town and was known for its golf courses, including the Prestwick Golf Club, which was the birthplace of The Open Championship.
  5. Troon: This is a coastal town and was known for its marina, yacht club, and its golf courses, including the Royal Troon Golf Club.
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