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The reason why I set up this website was in response to all the other chat rooms being full of scammers and fakes, or robot chatters.

This seems to be worse than ever in 2022- going into 2023, lots of apps still struggling to control the epidemic of catfish.

All the people that mod on this site are volunteers, so please don’t abuse them they are only here to protect you from the people I mentioned above.

The site has had its ups and downs over the years, we used to use Flash chats Software which was superb, but this is no longer available anymore now, as the company closed down.

I have been working on other projects in the meantime but kept this website going, the traffic is more or less zero but I am not sure if this is because chat rooms are no longer popular anymore, I have now switched to Cody Chat, which is a good solution for people using tablets and mobiles and also got a developer involved who fixes any issues with the site.

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Despite a steady drift towards commercial chatting solutions and chat apps, our chat rooms continue witnessing a footfall of around 100 users per calendar day, ensuring a safe space for anyone to voice their thoughts or exchange information.

About Us

World of Chat


No Bots – We have no foreign robots on our site many chat rooms are plagued with these just trying to get you to visit their site, we do have an automated message on our room but this is not a bot.

Updated Regularly – Our chat is constantly updated and we are always making changes to our site, it’s not very often you see many chat rooms updated as much as our chat rooms are.

Easy To use – Our chat rooms are colorful and easy to use, please check our basic user guide for help with this

Friendly Chat – World of Chat is one of the friendly sites on the net and we pride ourselves in our room being friendly

Rooms Hosted – Our rooms are hosted and monitored by admin, which prevents people from coming into the room and spoiling the chat for everyone else, we kick most abusers and ban persistent offenders

No Idling – We prevent people from idling in our chat room, people will be timed out after a pre-programmed time limit usually around 10-15 min’s

Secure Chat – The world of Chat is totally secure and uses a plugin called Flash player, a safe program, and a recognised free plugin available to everyone. This means you cannot get a virus from using Flashplayer at World of Chat.

Colorful Chat – The chat rooms are bright and colorful, unlike most boring-looking chat rooms which give it a good and colorful effect and make it a nice place to chat.

Multi-Room Format: Our chat room has many different rooms and also gives people the option to host their own chat rooms depending on how many people are on the chat at the time.

Please also check out our Chat room ethosand our chat room etiquette pages.


Sign up for free, but NO registration is needed

You can register with the site for free but you don’t have to, you can just log in to the chat room as a guest if you are a new user, you can still message people the same just you cannot create a profile.

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