Contacting World of Chat

There are a few ways to contact World of Chat, the best way to contact us if you can get into the chat room itself, is to approach admin (red names in the room) or a host (green names in the room) there are times when there is not a host or admin around.

In which case if you are registered with us, then go to the forums and log in there, and post on the top section of the forums, there is a help section and advice section on there, you can get to the forums by clicking chat forums at the top or clicking here. Someone will answer your query on the forums asap.

Or you can add us to your Msn, but do not just add us to chat with us, as we are only here to help with the running of the chat room, not have a personal chat with you!

Last of all you can use our form:

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Please enjoy using our free chat rooms, hopefully, you won’t have any problems and not need to contact us.