123 Flash chat GONE OUT OF BUSINESS – no technical support ticket replies.

123 flash chat website

123 Flash chats website, still online but not been updated since feb 2015

Have 123 Flash chat gone out of Business ? The answer is now yes ! however me and lots of other 123 Flash Chat Users are left wondering what has happened to the support? and if they are indeed intent on closing down 123 Flash Chat eventually? Well I did in fact contact the chamber of commerce in Hong Kong who send me to a site to check the status of the company TopCMM Software and the company indeed is still active. I noticed about 4 -5 months ago around may time 2015, my tickets were very slow to be replied to and then suddenly just stopped they were not replied to at all, I thought maybe they are on holidays or something but left it longer and nothing, now I have 4 tickets open with varying importance and none replied to.  It seems the site its Facebook page and twitter page are also not being updated. Also the live chat is no longer manned I have tried at many different times and, if you fill out the live chat form, it just takes you to a form to fill out your email address.


My tickets I have updated numerous times, with seemingly no reply

I have asked around and found out that 123 Flash chat will not be supported anymore for the time being, I do not know if this is long term or short term, but as far as it goes if you send a ticket as of now to 123 flash chat you wont get a reply. I was wondering if they had indeed gone out of business but it seems not, it seems they have just moved onto other things and have started developing other software. So it seems it could be the end of an era, I have had 123 flash chat for nearly 10 years in fact World of Chat was one of their first customers and probably the oldest still using their software. It is also the best chat room software there is, with as they say many 1000s of customers so it really surprises me that they have stopped supporting this. It is unfortunate that in our 10th year it seems to have ended, I hope someone picks up the software and its users and sorts out its issues soon. Should you buy 123 Flash chat software ? For the time being I would say not, as it sounds like people are purchasing and not receiving what they pay for. It would be nice if 123 Flash Chat could send us all some clarification as to what is really happening, as we are currently left in limbo, and I have heard some stories of people losing money when trying to purchase 123 Flash Chat. The idea of people paying for hosting or the software and not getting anything for their hard earned cash leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, as in the past I have lost money in similar ways and it can be really costly to some peoples business. There is also the issue of the buy chat credits too, which owes me and other users hard earned dollars. The future ? Well really who knows what is going to happen with seemingly no news, its difficult to anticipate what’s going to happen, is this a short term issue ? staffing ? who knows ? As far as it stands long term many people using this software are going to have to look for other options, as if your software crashes or stops working and you need support, or if you have to renew your licence or move servers and validate your licence, currently you cant you are totally screwed. If anyone else has any contact with 123 Flash Chat or knows whats happening long term please let me know ! Woc http://www.worldofchat.co.uk

Next Generation: About Graphical multi-user environments

Graphical multi-user environments are essentially the next generation of chat rooms on a certain level. They allow users to interact in a huge variety of ways that extends beyond the mere exchange of text and words. These kinds of “chat rooms” add graphics to the experience in either the two-dimensional or three-dimensional format. Some form of virtual reality technology is the most common approach to developing environments of this kind.

Mirroring Users

Users are given an Avatar of some kind or a graphical representation of themselves that can navigate the space and interact with the environment and other users. Additionally, the environment typically takes on the form of some kind of game or encourages a certain directive. Massive multi-player games make stunning use of graphical, multi-player environments. However, gaming is by no means the limitation for this kind of application. We are seeing extraordinary developments in these techniques that have training and educational purposes as well.

Chat Avatar

An example of some Avatars on Habo Hotel

Who Is Engaging

In terms of games and the increasing popularity of these formats, giving players the ability to actually create their own environment as they proceed represents the most popular platforms. In conjunction with this ability, users can typically incorporate audio and video tools that increase the level of interaction with players and the environment itself. A wide range of demographics are embracing this technology, incorporating a huge age range that is not limited by gender. Users typically spend an average of five hours in the virtual environment in a single seating. The majority of male users with an average age of 26 spend approximately 22 hours engaged in the environment each week, according to studies that surveyed over 30,000 users.

Supporting the Efforts

With the popularity of these kinds of gaming and interactive environments on the rise, there is no shortage of people who are exploring every possible avenue for monetizing the technology. For the vast majority of developers, profits are made by selling virtual goods to users who are engaged in game play. The numbers are extremely good when you evaluate the potential profits for operators of these environments. They are able to “manufacture” or design these online goods, reproduce them, and distribute them to users at very little costs. Such goods in virtual gaming environments include weapons, food and resources for avatars, and other types of goods or concepts that are necessary for players to advance in the virtual world.

Profitable But Sustainable

The profitability of monetizing these environments is also high due to the fact that the “goods” are being sold directly from the operators to the users. There are no middlemen or retailers that marginalize the activity. The actual revenue models are altered based on the participants in games and the structure of the games themselves. For instance, online goods in general are not meant to disrupt the engagement or enthusiasm of users based on buying power. True power and advancement in these types of environments is usually earned based on the merits and interaction of the players rather than the power of the almighty dollar.






Mr woc
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Yahoo chat closes its doors, but why ?

image of closed yahoo chat rooms

Yahoo chat image

Yahoo chat was one of the first places I ever chatted, in its time it was amazing, however the chat world has changed a lot since the days of yahoo chat !

With the emergence of Facebook and Twitter these kind of chat rooms were on borrowed time.

As of December the 14th Yahoo chat closed, citing pressure from its advertisers after some worry about some of the user created rooms that were created on there, with names that were not appropriate, that I couldn’t possible repeat!

Many adverts were dotted around the chat rooms, and there was also a splash page as you entered the chat, with a full page advert, so advertisers were not happy, at getting charged PPC rates for low quality traffic, that was bouncing around the chat rooms.

Yahoo chat rooms were open to everyone at one point but towards the end, they were only available via their Yahoo Messenger, which still exists today and is still doing well, since MSN messenger closed, people now use Yahoo messenger instead.

The problem towards the end were the robots that were in the rooms, as soon as you entered one of the rooms, you were instantly spammed by one of these robots, trying to filter you off to various dodgy websites.  Also constant messages on the rooms were just spam and it ruined the flow of the chat.

Yahoo did try to fight this but it was a losing battle, with this and the pressure from Yahoos advertisers, Yahoo eventually called time on their chat and have no plans to return to this. I belive a combination of all these issues together became its downfall, am sure Yahoo could have solved these issues, however it would have had a cost, which they were not prepared to risk.

In fact they are not the only people to have done this Microsoft famously closed down their chat rooms for similar reasons, citing worry’s about child safety.

Yahoo chat also didn’t have any age verification and no moderation, so it was always open to abuse, and having people to moderate the room usually adds to the cost of running their website.

All the top isps had chat rooms at one point as they were a good way to make people stick to your website and provide brand awareness, however all fell foul of abuse, usually from spammers or indeed difficult trolls or chatters, these took staff time to fix, resolve or ban users that were causing these issues.

Here is how the chat rooms looked when they were up and running, along with spammers and ads.

Also not very good publicity to see someone on your website having various arguments with F and C words being thrown around !!!

So when you add all the issues together, it made the demise of Yahoo Chat a matter or time.




Omegal.com screenshot


So what is Omegle.com, its a site that is in some ways quite similar to Chat Roulette, however it has subtle differences, with you also being able to random chat without the use of a webcam, which you cannot do on Chatoulette.com anymore, not sure why really.

Although I am unsure how many people use Omegle.com it is very popular, and has good reporting options, although there was the odd rule breaker on there when I looked.

I find it interesting how webcam chat has evolved over time, although there has still got to be worrys about some of the content shown on these kinds of sites, unfortunatly the owners of these sites can only do so much to stop them.



Hi guys

chatroulette style chat roomsIt seems that chatroulette style chat rooms are dominating the listings now, so its something we may think about implimenting into World of Chat somehow, which would give some extra fun on here.

We are still trying to move the site foward after our security issues, now over 6 months ago, amazing it would take so lone for a site to recover.

Anyhow thanks to the people who stayed with World of Chat!


Orange Chat Closes

Hi guys

Just thought I would just write another quick post as another one of the large chat sites bites the dust.

Orange chat or previously Freeserve and Wannado chat, has been closed down.

It seems they have major spamming problems and to improve the site would have cost a considerable amount of money they were not prepared to spend

Orange Chat RIP


Noesis Chat

Hi guys

It seems that lycos chat is indeed closing on the 1st only to become Noesis chat !

Noesis Chat

Noesis Chat

Dear User,

We are delighted to inform you that we have successfully reached an agreement with Noesis Systems Ltd. for continuation of the existing chat service.

You may have heard that our parent company LYCOS Europe N.V. has decided to discontinue many of its services.

The Chat business is one of the services which are scheduled to be discontinued by LYCOS. For this reason we will be terminating your LYCOS Chat contract on 1.3.2009.

Should you wish to continue using the existing product with the new provider, you will be asked to sign new Terms and Conditions when you sign on the chat.
As part of this agreement, your existing chatname and account content, for example your Logbook Messages and photos will remain.

Should you not accept the Terms and Conditions for the new provider by 1.3.2009, we will close your account and delete all of the content and access rights stored in connection with your Chat account, based on the statutory specifications.

Yours sincerely,
the LYCOS Chat Team

So it seems users are going to have to accept new terms and conditions, it doesnt say if the urls are going to change though, as the urls all point to yahoo chat, it should be interesting to see what happens on the 1st of Feb.


Lycos Chat Closing ?

Hi there

Its been on the grape-vine for a while now that Lycos chat could well close,  it does appear in statements made by Lycos a lot of Lycos services will stop Feb 1st., including forums and message boards. 

Even tripod is going which gave web sites free hosting, which takes me back to the days of designing my first website, it was crap but it was free lol !

Having looked at lycos chat Ive noticed a different name has appeared on the site, so I am unsure as to if someone else has purchased the chat rooms.  So it may well continue for the time being

Lycos chat is somewhat dated now, and hasn’t been updated for many years, so its little surprise it may well close, a lot of lycos services have suffered from the same problem, little change and little innovation.

Will be interesting to see what happens on Feb 1st as Lycos was one of the big hitters at one point.


Msn Messenger and World of Chat Dont Mix

Msn Email Address Swopping

There was an incident today, where one of the users of World of Chat was banned for constantly exchanging email addresses on this site after we had warned them not to do this, we would like to point out that we do not permit this at all over World of Chat or Wocchat.com; this includes messages private messages and messages in Wocchat email.

First of all let me say, if you do not agree with the above statement, then the answer is to not use our chat rooms, as World of Chat is a community site and not an email exchange program.

There are many messaging programs on the net, I am concentrating on Msn messenger in this article, but whatever you can do below applies to all messaging programs.

The problem with Msn Messenger and chat rooms is a culture thing, as people have done this for many years in other chat rooms that don’t have any rules, if you go into these chat rooms, they don’t have any conversation, it’s just people constantly putting their email on the main page, trying to get people to add them to their msn messenger.

We could have done this also, we could have let people just spam the rooms but we wanted people to be able to chat, without people pressuring people into giving others details, email addresses and phone numbers.

Why do we not allow this?

There are lots of very good reasons why we don’t allow this, the main reason is for security, yours mainly it also causes many problems between users like fights and arguments, and here is a list of common problems associated with email address swopping.

Identity Theft – If you give your email to people you don’t know, you can well risk the chance that someone might use any information you might divulge over the internet to steal your identity, this is a growing problem over every industry and the internet is rife with it, when you add someone to your msn sometimes you have your name in your email address, or you might have your name appear on the text when you type, any clues you give could be used against you.

Do you know who you are talking to – The chances are that you don’t really know who you are talking to when you add someone to your msn, after all you can’t see them, and someone could be using the persons email address you’re speaking to.

Do you really know how old someone is when you add them? – the answer to these questions is not always, I remember a long time ago when World of Chat first opened, we were not so strict about this, a member came into the chat room demanding to speak to Admin, as he had added a 13 year old girl to his msn and somehow blaming us for his mistake, he claimed at the time she had said she was 18, this is clearly a mistake on his behalf for exchanging his email address with someone he didn’t know and clearly could cause problems.

Picture Stealing – When you add someone to your Msn Messenger, you usually get a little window in which to put your picture, most people put their picture in this window to avoid sending their picture to someone else, as they don’t want strangers owning their pictures, sounds like a good idea right? WRONG, there are msn messenger tools that allow you to steal someone’s picture out of that little window, so it’s not safe and someone could easily get your picture via msn messenger.

Conversation stealing – There are also tools, that allow you to steal someone’s previous conversations over Msn Messenger, if you save your conversations you are at risk of this, if you have a webcam people can also view your webcam sessions, without you inviting them.

IP address privacy – Tools can be used to acquire your ip address over msn messenger, which in the wrong hands can cause you problems.

I could rant on about this for a long time and don’t get me wrong Msn Messenger is an amazing program, used in the right way, but giving your email to random strangers is not what it was designed for.

If you do exchange these details over World of Chat or Wocchat, you will be banned from both sites, and there will be no 2nd chances.


Faceparty Chat Closes

Hi guys

Looks like another chat room has bit the dust, Faceparty chat has been running for as long as I can remember, so I am surprised it has closed, though to be fair it was never any good, no moderation, too much spamming which made for a virtual free for all.

I found this quote from Faceparty below.

Party Chat is no more. It has deceased. It’s a goner. Its as dead as a parrot.

Sorry dudes, but chat rooms really are a bit old hat now. …and nobody likes old hats

Want some good news?

We have a new thing called “fingbot” launching soon which is kinda chatt-ish, but totally different to Party Chat.

…and if you wanna meet people now, try gossip – it’s not a chat room, but once you get into it, it’s VERY addictive (like crack).

We have had some people join World of Chat as a result of Faceparty closing, so its not been such a bad thing for us, and we hope to be opening some new rooms for the extra chatters we are hoping to get.


Facebook chat has now returned !