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Best chat room software for websites in 2022.

Are you looking for the best chat room software for your website or blog, then this post will help you move into 2022. The name you are looking for is Cody chat! Having run World of Chat for over 10 years many bits of software have come and gone 123 flash chat was the best chat software of an era but went bust and google has withdrawn flash support, so this has been the final nail in the coffin. D... »

123 Flash chat GONE OUT OF BUSINESS no technical support.

Has 123 Flash chat gone out of Business? Update 2021 is ongoing. Please DO NOT buy this software, the company that originally made this software has gone out of business, if you buy this now you are essentially buying cracked software, which is against the law, many of the people selling this software pretend to be the actual developer. It is basically a scam, so please find something like Cody ch... »

Yahoo chat closes its doors, but why ?

Yahoo chat was one of the first places I ever chatted, in its time it was amazing, however, the chat world has changed a lot since the days of yahoo chat! With the emergence of Facebook and Twitter, these kinds of chat rooms were on borrowed time. As of December, the 14th Yahoo chat closed, citing pressure from its advertisers after some worry about some of the user-created rooms that were created... »