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  1. Caithness is a historic county, registration county, and lieutenancy area of Scotland.
  2. Caithness has a population of approximately 21,000 people.
  3. The county town of Caithness is Wick.
  4. Caithness is the most northerly county in Scotland.
  5. Caithness is bounded to the south by the Moray Firth, to the southwest by Sutherland, to the west by Ross and Cromarty, to the north by the Pentland Firth, and to the east by the North Sea.
  6. The name was used for the earldom of Caithness and the Caithness constituency of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (UK).
  7. Caithness is one of the registration counties of Scotland, used for local government purposes.
  8. The Local Government (Scotland) Act 1889 created a county council for the county of Caithness.

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Yes, you can use a Caithness chat room on your mobile phone. You will need to have a data plan with your mobile service provider in order to access the chat room. Once you have a data plan, you will be able to connect to the chat room and chat with other users.

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Other Citys in Caithness

Caithness is a historic county and area located in the far north of Scotland, bordering the North Sea to the east and the Pentland Firth to the north. The main areas and cities of Caithness include:

  1. Thurso: Thurso is the largest town in Caithness, located on the north coast of the county. It is known for its stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, and historic landmarks such as Thurso Castle and Old St. Peter’s Church.
  2. Wick: Wick is a town located on the east coast of Caithness, known for its rich history, beautiful coastal scenery, and iconic landmarks such as Wick Heritage Museum and the Old Pulteney Distillery.
  3. John o’ Groats: John o’ Groats is a small village located on the north coast of Caithness, known as the most northerly point on the British mainland. It is a popular tourist destination, with stunning views over the Pentland Firth and regular ferries to the Orkney Islands.
  4. Halkirk: Halkirk is a village located in the heart of Caithness, known for its beautiful countryside and historic landmarks such as Halkirk Castle and the Halkirk Heritage Trail.
  5. Castletown: Castletown is a village located on the east coast of Caithness, known for its beautiful beaches, historic landmarks such as Castlehill Heritage Centre, and proximity to the popular surfing destination of Thurso East.