Depression and anxiety chat rooms 

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, then I hope you will join our chat room and find someone to speak to, we have created our own depression and anxiety chat rooms to try to help and support people.

We have set up our own depression chat rooms, but if you need to speak to someone urgently start with a website like if you’re having feelings you can’t control or suicidal thoughts, speaking to someone can help, you can try our depression chat room too

Please reach out if you’re in trouble

I would urge people to try to find support, I know people who have had a mental health crisis, it’s very debilitating and you are not always able to think clearly.

There are many online counselors and Drs now, and many free help phone lines, to help people who self harm or fear for their mental health.

After all the Covid and several lockdowns anxiety are at record levels with the NHS struggling to cope with the amounts of demand, there are record people on antidepressants or some kind of medication.

Chat rooms provide a safe space for people to chat anomalously to someone about what they may be feeling.

You can click the following links to access the chat.

Click the icon to get to meet new chatters

While some consultations do occur on zoom these days, our chat enables you to text type with others, which means you can leave and come back at any time.

There is no pressure to look a certain way or be a certain age to take part, you do not have to have a profile picture nor should you add one if you don’t want to.

This is a safe space for people if someone sends you any kind of abuse or says anything that upsets you then please just block them

What is the best way to treat anxiety and depression?

I am honestly not an expert in this field, you would defo benefit from talking to your Dr, but I do feel that talking about your issues can help.

Being online is a good way to chat to people anonymously, in our chat rooms, and find people who may have similar issues to yourself.

This can help you find ways to tackle your problem, it helps to meet people in a similar situation to yourself.

Is there an anxiety chat room?

There are many chat rooms out there, World of Chat is just one of many out there, I do not know of any chat rooms that have real GPs or Drs to help you though sadly.