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    you can just copy this text and type your answers under each question if you like

    First Footy Match, la’:

    What’s the first match you watched, mate? Love at first kick, was it?

    Picking Your Team, like:

    How’d you end up supporting your beloved Reds? Family tradition, or just pure fate?

    First Time at the Game, eh?:

    Tell us about your first time at the match. Did the Reds do us proud?

    Unforgettable Match, la’:

    What’s that one match you can’t get outta your head, and why’s it so boss?

    Match Day Rituals, you know:

    What’s your usual routine on match day? Any lucky socks or pre-match chants?

    Favourite Player of All Time:

    Who’s your top player ever, and what makes them the main man (or woman)?

    Worst Player Ever Seen:

    Who’s the one player that had you shaking your head more than cheering?

    Top Footy Story, mate:

    Share your funniest or most memorable story from a match day. We love a good laugh, don’t we?

    Crack on with the answers under each one if you fancy giving the quiz a go!

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