Summery of accounts 22 to 31 July 2023 for Sheffield Wednesday

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    1) Turnover: The turnover increased by £3 million to £19.3 million (£16.3 million in 2022), primarily due to increased attendances, advancing to the FA Cup fourth round, and increased retail and matchday catering sales.

    2) Loss After Tax: The results showed a loss after tax of £6,539,000 compared to a loss of £7,348,000 in 2021/22.

    3) Net Liabilities: Net liabilities increased by £6,539,000 during the year to £72,078,000 (£65,539,000 in 2021/22).

    4) Increased Expenditure: There was an increase in expenditure in various areas, contributing to the overall loss. Some significant costs include the cost of sales (£22,945,000) and administrative expenses (£3,714,000).

    5) Other Key Figures: Interest receivable and similar income was £878,000, while interest payable and similar expenses amounted to £9,000. The company’s gross loss was £3,634,000.

    6) Total Assets and Liabilities: The total assets less current liabilities were reported as -£13,003,000.

    7) Overall Financial Health: The overall financial health of the club appears strained with increasing losses and liabilities.

    8) External Factors: The report also mentions the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the club’s finances.

    9) Principal Risks: The principal risk facing the company is the performance and divisional status of the club’s first team, along with the ongoing support from the company’s ultimate beneficial owner.

    This summary covers the main aspects of income, expenditure, and overall loss. It’s essential to consider that these financial figures are influenced by various internal and external factors, including the pandemic and operational decisions.

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