Personality traits of people in online chat rooms

1 To 1 Obsessed – These are people who always want to chat 1 to 1, will

Meet new people and dogs in chat rooms

Meet new people in the chat rooms and enjoy your time.

badger you for your MSN address so they can get you on your own, you should ask yourself why do they want to do this?

Picture Hunters – If someone asks to see your picture very early on, you should be suspicious don’t send your picture to just anyone its not unusual for someone to see someone’s picture and then if they don’t like the look of them ignore them, don’t send your picture to someone too early and avoid these people.

Cyber Nuts – These are people who trawl the chat rooms looking for ‘cyber’ or ‘cam stuff’, these people are easy to spot, as they will ask if you are a short space personal or inappropriate questions. Please don’t encourage these people, these people have spoilt the chat room word, there is no place for this on our website there are other chat rooms that cater to these people.

Desperadoes – These people will ask where you live and be totally obsessed with where you live and how far you are from where they live, you should ask yourself why do they want to know where you live? they will probably ask you to meet them within the next 10 minutes or so, don’t tell these people where you live as they will probably get Google maps out and work out how long it would take them to get to your house.

Potential Stalkers – These are people who come into the rooms looking for specific people, they trawl the rooms looking for someone specific if they are not there when they log out without a word. This will not be tolerated on World of Chat and will get you banned.

Liars – You should be wary of these people, if someone in the chat room says they are 20 years of age, please consider the fact they may be lying they could be 15 or 45! You can usually tell by the way someone types and their English how old they are but you can never really know for sure, it is also not unusual for people who are married to say they are single please be wary and don’t get taken in by these people.

Love Sick Puppies – These are people who talk to you for a day, and then they tell you that you are special and they have fallen in love with you, it is impossible to love someone you have never met in person fact!