Iphone chat rooms uk based.

Welcome to World of Chats iphone and ipod touch chat, there are very few iphone and ipod touch chat rooms around, and the chat room apps are not that good, you should find our chat further down the page, just click the appropriate link, you might need to zoom in, but it should be full screen when you click the chat.

I have tested it with the safari browser on my own Iphone so I know it works, please also try it with other browsers like Firefox or IE if you have any issues. The phones it has been tested with are as follows.

Iphone 3 and the 3g version
Iphone 4 and the Iphone 4s
Iphone 5 and the new Iphone 6


You will be able to log into the newbies room and guests rooms, but to use the other rooms you will need to Register Click here to register

Type /help when on the chat for more help or /? (slash and question mark key no space)

Click the following links to access the chat, they will all open in full screen mode

Iphone Chat rooms
Ipod Touch chat rooms

Why are there only a few iphone and ipod chat rooms you might wonder, well thats generally down to flash player not being available for iphone and ipod touch users, there was supposed to be a planned version, but its no where near release.


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