Chat Room Specifications.

World of chat – is on a VPS server for speed as shared hosting cannot handle the chat script, the chat is a standard bit of software.

With some added scripts to it, to add more functionality, the chat is regularly updated around 4 or 5 times a year.

World of chat is constantly updated and will be constantly updated in the future no other chat room puts so much effort into the development of their chat rooms.

World of chat is hosted – These chat rooms are hosted by people who know chat rooms well and have experience spotting any potential trouble.

World of chat is flash-based so you will need the latest version of flash player to use our chat, this is free and you should be prompted to download flash when you log in to our chat room.

If not you can download flash from the net for free just type flash player into any search engine.

World of chat does not currently run on mobiles or pocket computers, however, we have iPhone chat rooms and which also run on iPod touch, mobile chat rooms are planned in the future.

World of Chat is designed to work in resolutions of 1024×768 or higher, we do have a version for people with lower resolution computers but it’s highly recommended that you set your resolution to 1024×768 or more see the help section if you need help with this.

We also have a full-screen version of our chat, you can launch this by clicking the full-screen button under the main chat room.

World of Chat can have over 1000 users online at the same time as it has its own dedicated server.

World of chat has an integrated profile system using SQL, this stores people’s profile information for over lots of people and growing fast, all conversations on this site are logged, even the private chats which are logged for security reasons and are stored securely your privacy is guaranteed. These are for use with police inquiries.

We have full IP logs via this site and we can ban your IP address or your nickname if we need to. if you don’t like the idea of us seeing your IP address when you log in to our site, then don’t log into our site.

We also have full chat logs on here, even the 1 to 1 conversation.

World of chat is fully monitored as we can monitor all the rooms at the same time and also monitor incoming traffic, we do not have to be visible while doing this, this is to protect our users and we feel we have created a very secure environment for people to chat. Chat rooms have changed so the technology to run chat rooms has also changed and is geared towards chat room safety.