Online and Chat Room Etiquette

Chat rooms are now a popular part of being online, most people with experience of the internet have been in a chat room at some point, most online chats including World of Chat have basic rules which you should familiarise yourself with, but also there are lots of unwritten rules that you need to
familiarise yourself with too:

Step 1

Familiarise yourself with the rules of the chat before you enter, this will save you getting kicked out of the room and also will prevent you offending people or even getting banned!

Step 2

When you enter the chatroom, say hello to everyone and announce your age gender and location if asked by a host or admin, generally a good idea to introduce yourself just like you would anywhere else. DONT USE CAPITAL letters as this can be considered shouting.

Step 3

If you want to direct a question to an individual within the chat, highlight their name and type your message, when you send the message it will be directed to the individual.

Step 4

If you can avoid using your full real name for your nickname and don’t refer to friends in the chat room by their full real name, as its a good idea to keep your personal details secret.

Step 5

Try to be friendly and try to fit it until you are familiar with the chat, if someone is rude to you ignore them or click their name and put them on ignore this will stop you seeing this users text in the main chat room, don’t pick fights especially if you are new, if things get too much then leave the chat room and report the incident to a host or admin.

Step 6

Don’t stalk or harass people, it will get you banned from the room and won’t make you popular.