Free Chat Rooms – Are They Going to be a Thing of the Past?

With the new addition of Facebook and Twitter chat rooms do seem to have become old hat now, as people prefer social media over chatting online with strangers these days, I think mainly because social media is something you can come back to later, whereas chat rooms are alive media you have to be there, or miss out on what’s being said.

The first chat rooms I used

With the closure of Msn chat, chat rooms have slowly started to disappear, Msn did have thousands of people online at one time and it was the top site and amazing it was also free, unfortunately, it was closed due to fears about children chatting online.

MSN Messenger and Yahoo close their chat rooms.

Msn slowly withdrew their public chat rooms then went on to slowly withdraw them from their Msn communities section and finally followed by their Msn Messenger, which was replaced by Skype, however their software they used to create their chatrooms lives on, at so you might want to check that out.

Ukchatterbox closes their chat rooms also.

In fact in 2013- 2014 even more websites that were catering for chatters, close Yahoo chat finally closed its doors to users, and UKchatterbox as disappeared and doesn’t seem to load anymore, however it did say it would return back to service soon, in its wake has appeared.

When Msn chat closed then this gave chance for a lot of chatroom owners to try to accommodate these people, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to have worked, while there are many free chat rooms most of them are of poor quality and have no moderation.

Low-quality chat rooms like Chat avenue take more users.

There are too many to name but Chat Avenue seems to be one of the worst offenders, however, they do have lots of people within their rooms, so this is an attraction for most users.

A lot of websites that claim to have free chat rooms don’t have them at all, in fact, 9 sites out of 10 that say they have chat rooms just to attract people to their sites, this seems to be a favourite tactic of dating websites, trying to get people to sign up so they can try to persuade people to give money to them, this is misleading and frustrating.

People tend to be attracted to the main sites on the net now, either the top providers like Lycos or Chat Avenue or the sites that top the search engines, its a shame people don’t shop around as there are obviously better sites out there.

Will World of Chat Always be a Free Chat Room?

World of Chat has worked really hard to accommodate people and give people what they want chat wise, we are also safe as we are fully moderated, we have come a long way and still have a long way to go, but we will always be a free chat room and we hope our quality will show through in the end.

So yes World of Chat will always be free, our aim is to be the number 1 chat room on the net let’s hope we get there!