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Tell me more about Rotherham

Rotherham is a town in South Yorkshire which lies at the confluence of the rivers Rother and Don between Sheffield and Doncaster. Its population is 120,000. Despite the Iron age and Roman settlements in the area of the current town, Rotherham was not founded until the early Middle Ages but by the early 16th Century, it had become an enviable modern Market town before degenerating into a notorious haven of gambling and vice later in that century. Rotherham Minster in All Saints Square dates from the 15th century and includes parts from earlier Saxon and Norman structures.

Rotherham did used to be a good night out as an alternative to going out around Sheffield however Rotherham has been hit by the cost of living crisis and a lot of good places like the pubs and bars have closed down, Rotherham united as still a big part of the city though with their new stadium right in the town centre.

It has been described as ‘the best perpendicular church in the country’. The region has a long association with iron and Rotherham Iron was highly regarded for it strength. Milling grain into flour was also a traditional industry in Rotherham, formerly in the Millmoor area, hence Rotherham United FC’s nickname ‘The Millers’. The Westgate district of Rotherham town center is home to many pubs, bars, and clubs and Rotherham is a popular destination for nights out across the region.

Comedian Sandy Powell was born in Rotherham and the town has produced other entertainers from the Working men’s circuit such as Dougie Brown. Rotherham is also the hometown of the Chuckle Brothers, Arsenal and England goalkeeper David Seaman, referee Harold Webb, and politician William Hague. Presenter James May grew up in Rotherham.

“n the heart of South Yorkshire, Rotherham stands out for its commitment to community health and well-being, particularly in maternity care. The town’s NHS foundation is actively engaged with the Maternity Voices Partnership, a collaborative effort that ensures the voices of expecting mothers and families are heard and valued. This initiative is particularly strong in Rotherham North, where local healthcare services strive to provide exceptional care. For visitors or families needing a temporary stay, the Inn Rotherham offers comfortable accommodations, often chosen for its proximity to medical facilities and its welcoming atmosphere. Even those looking for a longer-term option can find solace in Rotherham’s friendly neighbourhoods, where a spare room is never too hard to find, ensuring a supportive environment for new and expecting mothers.

In Rotherham chat groups with webcam capabilities, you will meet people who live in Barnsley, Dinnington, Rawmarsh, Treeton, Maltby, and Wath-on-Dearne among others. Rotherham is twinned with Kaiserslautern (Germany) Saint-Quentin (France) Segeevka (Ukraine), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), and Shenzhen (China).

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