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Back in the day, finding a good local chat site in the UK was like trying to spot a unicorn with a cup of tea with cookies and (I don’t mean those dreaded cookies that websites use) it just didn’t exist! If you wanted to talk, gossip, or engage with others online, options were as rare as a sunny British summer. Enter UK Chatterbox, a buzzing hub of chatty banter in the early 2000s. This social platform was stuffed to the brim with lively conversation through IRC chat after the demise of Microsoft Chat—now just a faded relic in the history of yakkety-yak.

In 2018, UK Chatterbox pulled off a dramatic encore, returning as Chatterbox UK to continue its storied tradition. With plenty of users in various chat rooms, it’s a vibrant, loquacious community where talkative chatterboxes can prattle to their hearts’ content, it used software called IRC chat.

Sadly, monetizing IRC chat sites is trickier than herding cats, especially through programs like Adsense. It vanished as suddenly as a politician’s promises, leaving users scratching their heads. The owner, probably tired of self-funding the whole shebang, shifted to new projects after pouring his pocket change into this labour of love.

As you can see plenty of users in the different rooms.

But the real charm of UK Chatterbox? Anyone could set up a chat site without bureaucratic vetting or safety checks it was the Wild West of web communities, where blabbermouths could gather freely to jabber, gab, and babble in unfiltered glory. So if you’re feeling sociable and fancy a natter, Chatterbox UK might just be the chat room to spill your secrets and have a laugh!

Some UK Chatterbox History

There were some pretty unique things about UK chatterbox in that the owner set up this site for £50 in around 2003 and did a few media interviews where he said anyone could set up a chat website, there is no vetting to see if anyone was a criminal or any kind of safety checks at all.

Was the old UK Chatterbox any good ?

No, it was too clicky, if you were new on the site you were not welcome, which when you are trying to grow a site is a problem.

Other than Microsoft chat, which has been discarded into chat room history, it was pretty hard to make local chat rooms work, as you need a lot of users, getting lots of users on your website at one time is very hard especially on a consistent basis.

However, one day, people woke up and the site disappeared more or less over night. There was an announcement saying it would return at one point but never did.

What is a Chatterbox UK or UK chatters?

A new domain rose from the ashes since the old domain remained with the former owner. This reincarnation bears a slightly different name.

On this renewed site, you can create a profile, add friends, and post pictures and statuses. It carries more of a Facebook vibe. It also has an integrated chat room where you can login and engage in social messaging.

For newcomers, the ambiance can, unfortunately, feel similar to the old site with its same cliquish nature.

The Different Chatterbox UK Features

The site has more of a Facebook feel to it, you can create a profile and add friends and post pictures and your status, it also has an inbuild chat room into the site, where you can login, i went in a few times to test it, it seemed to work ok.

Is it any good ?

Nope, it’s exactly the same as the old site. If you are new, no one speaks to you, it’s pretty much the same people on the same site with the same clicks. 

For those interested in local connections, we’ve added local chat rooms to our platform, aiming to invite more people to meet others in their area. For additional safe and free chatting experiences, you can check out our reviews of Chatiw and the website chat avenue.

But it does have more users than World of Chats chat room and the site is better than the old site and has more features.

My McAfee virus software flagged as site as suspicious

The site is also flagged as suspicious by McAfee security, which in my few visits to the site I did notice some popups that looks like the site had been infected with malware or a virus, but I was swiftly ejected from the room for mentioning this, I feel I probably wont return or be missed.


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