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  1. The population of West Yorkshire is 2,285,000.
  2. The area of West Yorkshire is 1,771 square miles.
  3. West Yorkshire comprises 5 boroughs: Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, and Wakefield.
  4. The largest city in West Yorkshire is Leeds, with a population of 781,700.
  5. Bradford is the second largest city in West Yorkshire, with a population of 522,452.
  6. The median age in West Yorkshire is 39.8 years.
  7. The life expectancy for men in West Yorkshire is 76.1 years and 81.4 years for women.
  8. The unemployment rate in West Yorkshire is 5.3%.
  9. The average house price in West Yorkshire is £180,000.
  10. The average weekly wage in West Yorkshire is £494.

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West Yorkshire: A Hidden Gem in the UK

West Yorkshire is a landlocked county with a population of just over 2 million, consisting of Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, and Wakefield. It is bordered by South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, and Derbyshire.

West Yorkshire was formed in 1974 and covers roughly the same area as the historic West Riding of Yorkshire. It lies on rocks of carboniferous age which form the south Pennines to the west and the Yorkshire coalfield to the east. West Yorkshire developed around a number of industries, Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield were home to woollen mills, whilst Leeds manufactured cloth. Wakefield, Castleford, Pontefract and South Leeds were traditional coal mining areas.

Leeds has recently attracted investment from financial institutions and has become known as a centre of finance, whilst Wakefield has also moved into service-based industries and boasts a number of large call centres. Two of the big four supermarkets hail from West Yorkshire – Morrisons is based in Bradford and Asda is in Leeds. Emley Moor is the site of the tallest self-supporting structure in the UK! In West Yorkshire Chat Rooms you will meet people who live in Wilsden, Todmorden, Marsden, Wetherby and Featherstone.

Other adjacent counties

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Other popular areas

West Yorkshire is a county located in the northern region of England. Some of the main areas and cities in West Yorkshire are:

  1. Leeds: This is the largest city in West Yorkshire and also the third-largest city in the United Kingdom. Leeds is known for its vibrant nightlife, shopping, and cultural attractions, including Leeds Art Gallery, Royal Armouries Museum, and Leeds Grand Theatre.
  2. Bradford: This is a multicultural city located in the foothills of the Pennines. It is known for its textile industry, curry houses, and the National Science and Media Museum.
  3. Wakefield: This is a historic city located on the River Calder. Wakefield is known for its museums, such as the Wakefield Museum and the Hepworth Wakefield, which showcases modern and contemporary art.
  4. Huddersfield: This is a market town located in the foothills of the Pennines. Huddersfield is known for its Victorian architecture, the Huddersfield Giants rugby league team, and the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.
  5. Halifax: This is a historic town located in the South Pennines. Halifax is known for its woolen mills, the Piece Hall, a Grade I listed building, and the Halifax Bank.