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What is MIRC Chat? A Guide to Internet Relay Chatting

Picture this: it’s Friday night, you’ve just popped the top off a frosty beverage and settled yourself cosily into your favourite chair, which your friends lovingly gave the nickname ‘throne of games’. Your mind is aglow with the anticipation of an intense gaming tournament or a heated debate about the latest Star Wars film that’s taking shape in your online community. But Facebook feels too cluttered, you’ve tired of Twitter’s character limit, and Discord doesn’t quite capture that old-school charm.

You long for the nostalgic authenticity of raw, simple text-based communication where you can drop a message to people from all over the world, connect, and commune on shared interests. This, my friend, is the magical realm of IRC – Internet Relay Chat, it is sometimes referred to as Mirc as there was a client that was called this. Much like that artisanal, small-batch marmalade at the farmer’s market that tastes exactly like childhood summers – familiar yet exciting, IRC captures everything retro-tech enthusiasts love about cyberspace – intimacy, simplicity, and most importantly, freedom. Until now, we’ve been conversing on platforms designed by others for us. Now see what happens when we take back control… Welcome to IRC chat: the original internet “party line”.

I remember when i first set out our chat rooms at World of chat I was considering making an IRC server and making a chat using this but decided against it in the end, I also mention IRC chat on the chat room history page.

A lively scene inside a Flickr chat room showing participants engaged in vibrant discussions, highlighting the platform's role in fostering community and interactive dialogue among users.
IRC chatroom and chat participants back in the day

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a protocol that enables real-time text messaging between computers connected to the internet. Its message-based nature sets it apart from other protocols. It was created in 1988 and is primarily used for group discussions in chat rooms called “channels,” but it also allows for private messages, data transfer, and various server-side and client-side commands. While IRC usage has declined over the years, it remains a popular method for seamlessly sending your text message on the Internet among certain user communities.

It was not disimilar to the chats of today, you had users in the public chat room and you also had moderators who could kick people out, and there was also robot chatters who would ban people who tried to send spam into the chatrooms.

Understanding Internet Relay Chatroom

If you are new to the world of online chatting, then it won’t be surprising if you find yourself lost in a sea of jargons and protocols. That being said, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) offers users an easy and straightforward way to communicate with others around the globe via text-based chats in real-time. It’s like shooting a message to a group or an individual nickname. If that sounds vague to you, let’s break down chat IRC into some simple examples.

Think of IRC as a massive online meeting place where people all over the world gather and have conversations with each other on specified topics of interest. Each gathering spot is called a “channel”. As a participant, you can browse through various channels or create your own private channel to invite your friends or colleagues for discussion. It’s like giving each friend a special nickname for private chats.

Since IRC enables group communication in discussion forums, this protocol has gained widespread popularity among tech enthusiasts, gamers, and open-source software communities to share ideas, get help, or discuss emerging trends. Additionally, the lack of audio/visual components makes IRC an ideal platform for fast-paced conversations without any lag issues that may hinder true “real-time” communication.

Specifically, think of IRC as Telegram but with more organised rooms. You can join different channels related to your interests, such as music, movies, or sports, just like joining groups on Telegram. However, on IRC you don’t need someone’s phone number to get started – it’s a completely anonymous platform where one can shoot a message and engage in discussions instantly, all under a unique nickname.

Now that we have developed a better understanding of how IRC works, let’s move forward and discuss its purpose.

  • As per Internet Live Stats, in 2009, IRC networks were serving over half a million users at any one time, with hundreds of thousands of different channels functioning simultaneously.
  • According to the NewIRCUsers survey from 2010, usage of IRC has been steadily declining since 2003 dropping by up to 60% till the end of the first decade of the new millennium.
  • As of 2021, Statista reported that while traditional IRC usage had decreased, several derivatives and modern versions of IRC like Slack and Discord were being used by an estimated 10 million active daily users worldwide.

Definition and Purpose

As mentioned earlier, IRС is essentially a text-based chat system designed for group communication across channels or one-to-one communication through private messages. You choose a nickname, drop a message, and you’re part of the conversation. It’s as simple as that.The primary goal of this IRC protocol was initially established with a command to provide users with a quick and efficient means of communication with other users via text, under the operator’s watchful eye.

IRC servers, under the command of an operator, can manage any number of users simultaneously, allowing them to function following a client-server networking model that encourages text communication across different channels.

While the initial aim of IRC was to enable online users to engage in real-time communication easily, some unique advantages of Internet Relay Chatting that distinguish it from other protocols, have made the app a primary point of attraction for tech enthusiasts, operators and command execution experts globally.

For instance, IRC, under the adept command of hackers, has been instrumental in providing an optimal platform for these skilled operators to carry out their activities. Despite earning a bit of a bad reputation due to this aspect of IRC, it remains astounding how hackers and cybersecurity specialists can systematically gather and share their insights via IRC channels.

Moreover, think of IRC as a WhatsApp group chat that doesn’t limit you with the number of people you can add to your one-on-one messaging system and provides you the command over customised settings.

Next up: let’s dive deep into specific components surrounding IRC- Servers and Channels, serving under the command of operators.

Components: Servers and Channels

To understand IRC Chat fully, it is crucial to comprehend the two essential components of the protocol – servers and channels. Servers, commanded by an operator, are computers that host IRC software, enabling users to connect to their client programmes via command execution and exchange messages over a common channel(s). Channels, on the other hand, are virtual rooms created on these servers where people discuss various topics or share information.

IRC’s server and channel framework makes it unique from other communication channels, creating an environment under an operator’s command where users can create their own channels and interact with like-minded individuals worldwide. This setup fosters real-time conversations, debates, group collaboration, peer-to-peer learning, and idea sharing within geographical boundaries – a feature that conventional social media platforms fail to deliver.

Analogously speaking, IRC servers are akin to communication towers transmitting radio signals, while channels resemble separate frequencies on which diverse content is aired. Users tune into these towers at different frequencies through specialised radio sets (in this case, IRC clients) under the command of operators and receive information in either one-on-one or group settings.

Server name conventions on IRC follow the structure [location].[organisation].org (e.g.,, but some operators may modify them based on specific requirements. To access a particular server, users need to know its address (Domain Name System or IP address) and port number.

For users desiring to join #technology on via HexChat client software operating on Windows OS, a command from the operator would look like this:


/Join #technology

The ability to search for specific channels with relevant keywords empowers users to easily locate groups with people who share similar interests, all thanks to the operator’s command. Similarly, for organisations seeking feedback about their products or services, or marketers scouting for a targeted audience – IRC niche channels may offer valuable insights from potential customers without the high cost of market research.

IRC’s textual nature promotes cordial and sophisticated discussions, free from visual distractions and predetermined opinions. This mode of communication allows users ample time to think and respond thoughtfully without succumbing to emotional triggers or impulsive decisions.

Moreover, servers host bots – autonomous scripts that perform various tasks based on client input. These bots can follow a specific script to provide channel moderation, monitor conversations for specific keywords, give weather forecasts, news updates, and stock prices, among other things.

Understanding Servers and Channels are instrumental in comprehending how IRC Chat works. With this knowledge, you can possibly write your own script to enhance your chatting experience. Moving on, let’s explore the benefits of using this unique protocol.

Advantages of Using Internet-Relay-Chat

IRC stands out as a communication protocol due to its speed, efficiency, and accessibility. This unique mode of communication doesn’t require frequent updates and large storage spaces yet consumes system resources lightly – IRC is still lightweight and requires only minimal system requirements. Its smaller footprint means it runs on both modern devices and older hardware effortlessly.

Think of it like driving a high-performance sports car versus a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle – IRC is the latter. While the former may offer rich features, it functions like an intricate script that requires high maintenance and cost, while the latter runs smoothly with minor expenditures.

IRC’s security model means users do not have to share personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses with others but retain anonymity through user-defined nicknames. Additionally, because the protocol uses plaintext instead of proprietary messaging applications – text can be transmitted at lightning-fast speeds over low-bandwidth connections as opposed to visual-heavy software that creates additional lags and interrupts the chat mode.

Furthermore, IRC boasts an open-source nature that enables modification and customization by enthusiasts worldwide. Clients include a variety of features like private messaging capabilities, file sharing options via Direct Client Connexion (DCC), script support, theme customization, allowing for individualized user experiences.

Most notably, IRC provides an unparalleled sense of community among its users regardless of where they are physically located globally. The ability to build meaningful relationships with people who share common interests in real-time is what sets IRC apart from other channels; it does not just offer a platform but a mode of forming long-lasting bonds.

The protocol’s long history and well-established community mean that it has a wealth of knowledge available online, including FAQs, support guides, and forums to help users troubleshoot any challenge they may encounter, including understanding complex scripts.

Despite IRC’s numerous benefits, some argue that modern social media platforms have rendered IRC obsolete – particularly since the number of users has declined over the past decade. However, IRC’s decline can be attributed to its prevalence among niche communities rather than broader mainstream audiences.

Moreover, some of the challenges around IRC – such as lack of media support or difficulty in accessing specific channels – are slowly diminishing as newer clients modify the protocol to adapt to contemporary requirements. This includes the modification of scripts for optimal performance. As evidence suggests, the top 100 IRC networks still hold over half a million users at a given time, suggesting IRC isn’t entirely dead.

Speed, Efficiency, Accessibility

IRC chat offers a multitude of advantages when it comes to communication, and understanding its mode of operation, including scripts, can enhance your overall experience.Three of the most notable benefits are speed, efficiency, and accessibility.

Speed is one of the primary benefits of IRC chat. The platform is designed to transmit messages rapidly, ensuring that conversations happen in real-time without any delay. Users can send messages quickly and receive instant responses from other users connected to the same server. This is especially valuable for people who want to communicate about time-sensitive issues or in situations where there’s rapid back-and-forth discussion.

Efficiency is another advantage of IRC chat. Unlike many other chat platforms, IRC does not require significant system resources to operate smoothly. It is a highly efficient protocol that works even on older computers and devices with slow internet connections. This means that users do not need to have advanced technical skills or expensive equipment to join in conversations on IRC.

Accessibility is also an important benefit of IRC chat. The platform is highly accessible; users can connect to IRC servers directly using dedicated clients or web browsers through webchat services like KiwiIRC and Mibbit (which don’t require any installation), making it possible for anyone with internet access to be a part of the conversation at any time.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the benefits of using IRC chat, let’s move on to some of the drawbacks and challenges.

  • IRC chat is a fast, efficient, and accessible communication platform that can be used by anyone with internet access. Its real-time capability makes it ideal for time-sensitive discussions, while its efficiency enables smooth operation on slow computers. Its accessibility through both web browsers and dedicated clients makes it easy to join conversations from anywhere.

Drawbacks and Challenges of IRCs Chat

While there are many advantages to using IRC chat, there are also some drawbacks and challenges associated with this platform.

One challenge that many users face is the learning curve required to use IRC effectively. While it’s relatively easy to create an account and log into an IRC server, navigating channels, assigning roles, configuring bots, and setting up channels may require technical expertise beyond what an average user has.

Another challenge of IRC chat is the lack of centralization, which can make it difficult to maintain a consistent user experience. IRC networks are operated by many different administrators with varying levels of expertise and resources, which results in a vastly different quality of service from one server to the next.

Additionally, as discussed earlier, IRC has been losing users since 2003. The rapid growth of modern social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack over the past few years has meant that IRC has become a less popular alternative. This creates another challenge for users looking to communicate with others through this platform.

It’s important to note that while IRC chat may have some drawbacks and challenges; it’s still a highly functional platform for real-time communication. Just like how every tool has its pros and cons – similarly, there’s room for both new and old technologies in our constantly changing world. The key is to recognise the unique aspects and limitations of each tool and use them accordingly.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the challenges and drawbacks associated with IRC chat, let’s move on to look at popular IRC clients and their features.

Notable IRC Clients and Their Features

When it comes to connecting to an IRC network, there are a variety of clients available. While some users may prefer the simplicity of basic text-only clients, others may want a more feature-rich experience with customizable interfaces and additional tools like file sharing. Here are some notable IRC clients and their features.

Mibbit is a popular browser-based client that is platform-independent and requires no installation. Its user interface is simple yet effective, featuring tabbed channels for multiple chats, customizable themes, and support for emoticons. Mibbit also supports file sharing and SSL encryption for secure connections.

mIRC is one of the oldest IRC clients still in use. It has a loyal following among power users for its extensive customization options, scripting capabilities, and compatibility with various plugins. With mIRC, users can personalise their themes, create custom commands and aliases, and automate tasks using scripts. The client also includes DCC file transfer capabilities.

HexChat is an open-source IRC client that offers a modern user interface with features such as auto-completion of usernames and commands, customizable alerts, and automatic logging of conversations. The client also allows users to connect to multiple servers simultaneously and makes it easy to join existing channels or create new ones.

For those who need a way to stay connected on-the-go, IRCCloud is a cloud-based IRC client designed for mobile devices. It syncs automatically across platforms so users can pick up where they left off on any device, whether desktop or mobile. IRCCloud boasts fast connection times and push notifications for highlights and private messages.

While many people have found success using these clients, there are others who claim that basic text-only clients provide the most stable connection with minimal lag time. In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are many other IRC clients available, each with its own set of strengths and drawbacks. Ultimately, the best IRC client is the one that suits a user’s specific needs and preferences.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned IRC user, there’s an IRC client out there for everyone. From simple text-only clients to feature-rich alternatives, it’s important to find the one that provides the best experience for your personal needs. By exploring different clients and their features, you can find the perfect tool to keep you connected in the world of IRC chat.

This does not really compared to new chat software like Cody Chat but they are setup in a totally different way, IRC I thought was dead but it is still very much alive and kicking, with many of the new sites using more user interface friendly software, like chat avenues site and up until recently chatiws site.

Answers to Common Questions with Detailed Explanations FAQS

How does Internet server chat differ from other forms of online communication?

IRC chat differs from other forms of online communication in a few ways. Firstly, it is one of the oldest forms of online communication, dating back to 1988. Despite its age, it remains a popular choice for many people who crave more control over their online interactions and prefer anonymity. This is because IRC is based on the user’s self-identification rather than their real identity.

Unlike social media platforms that are often used for communication, there are no algorithms or profile metrics to interfere with communication on IRC. There are no likes, comments or advertisements, which makes it a refreshing alternative for those who seek privacy and freedom.

Another significant difference between IRC and other forms of online communication is the ability to set up or join channels centred around specific topics like sports, technology and politics. It gives users a chance to engage in cerebral conversations and interact with like-minded people in real time.

According to Statista, the number of internet users worldwide reached 4.66 billion in October 2021. In comparison, only a small percentage of these users actively uses IRC chat. This indicates that while IRC chat might not be as popular as social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, it still remains one of the most versatile and dynamic forms of online communication.

In conclusion, IRC chat offers users more control over their online communications by allowing anonymity and more freedom without the interference of algorithms or advertising. It also presents an opportunity to engage with different communities centred around specific interests simultaneously in a real-time format.

What are the benefits of using I-R-C chat for online communities?

The benefits of using IRC chat for online communities are numerous. Firstly, IRC has the ability to keep conversations organised and easily accessible, making it an efficient and time-saving way to communicate online. Additionally, IRC can be used for real-time collaboration and brainstorming, making it a useful tool for groups or teams working on collaborative projects.

Another benefit of IRC chat is the sense of community that it can foster. Users from all over the world can join together in IRC channels dedicated to specific topics or interests, allowing them to connect with like-minded individuals who they may not have been able to meet otherwise. This sense of community can also help users to build relationships and create a support network that can be invaluable in times of need.

Furthermore, because IRC is an open protocol, there is a wealth of available clients and servers that users can choose from based on their individual needs and preferences. This makes it a highly customizable platform that can be adapted for a range of different uses.

According to recent statistics, IRC still holds a strong position in the online communication sphere. In 2020, there were over 6 million active users on the largest IRC network alone, demonstrating its enduring popularity among internet users across the globe (Source: Statista).

Overall, the benefits of using IRC chat for online communities include organisation, efficiency, collaboration, community building, customization and popularity.

Can IRC chat be used for business or professional purposes?

Absolutely! While IRC chat is commonly associated with gaming or personal chat rooms, it can also be a powerful tool for business and professional settings. In fact, many companies have used IRC as an internal communication platform for years.

One of the biggest advantages of using IRC for business purposes is its security. Unlike other popular messaging apps, such as WhatsApp or Slack, which require login credentials and store user data on external servers, IRC chats are hosted on internal networks and can be encrypted for added protection.

Furthermore, IRC chat offers a level of customization that other platforms simply can’t match. Companies can create their own private channels to discuss specific topics or projects without worrying about outsiders joining the conversation. Users can also set up custom scripts and commands to automate repetitive tasks, saving time in the long run.

In terms of adoption, IRC may not be as widely used as other chat platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams. However, there are still millions of active IRC users around the world. According to a study from Statista, nearly 36% of internet users in Germany reported using IRC regularly in 2019.

So, whether it’s for project collaboration or internal communication among employees, IRC can certainly be a useful tool for businesses looking for a secure and customizable messaging platform.

How has MIRC chatting evolved and changed over time?

IRC chat has undergone significant evolution and change since its inception in 1988. Initially developed by Jarkko Oikarinen, IRC was meant to be a means of communication between users within the same network. Today, IRC is widely used across the world for real-time messaging, file sharing, discussions and even gaming.

One of the most significant changes that IRC has witnessed is the inclusion of a graphical user interface (GUI), which has made it more user-friendly. In the past, using IRC chat required technical expertise, which limited its usage to tech-savvy individuals. However, with the introduction of GUI-enabled clients such as mIRC and HexChat, IRC became accessible to a wider audience.

Another major change that has shaped the IRC landscape is its integration with modern web technologies. By incorporating web-based clients like KiwiIRC and Mibbit that can run in any browser, IRC has become more accessible than ever before. Additionally, the development of mobile client applications such as AndroIRC and LimeChat has facilitated usage on-the-move.

Statistics reveal that despite other new messaging apps like Whatsapp, Slack and Discord entering into the market, IRC remains relevant today. According to the Statista report on “Usage penetration of instant messengers/apps worldwide” from August 2021, Telegram’s userbase grew by 220 million users since 2020 while Facebook Messenger lost about 11 million users during this period globally. On the other hand, the use of IRC showed only a small percentage decrease in usage when compared to other established instant messaging services like WeChat or Line.

In conclusion, since its inception in 1988 till now, IRC chat has come a long way due to continuous innovation and developments driven by user needs. Despite competition from new messaging apps and tools with advanced features, IRC continues to remain relevant today due to its simplicity, security measures that are beyond encryption methods alone safeguard privacy throughout chat sessions for anyone :powerusers and new users, along with its ease of use on the web and mobile.

Are there any security concerns with using MIRC chat?

Yes, there are security concerns with using IRC chat. Since IRC isn’t encrypted by default, all messages are sent in plain text, including sensitive information like passwords and credit card details. As a result, any individual with access to your network or who can intercept your connection could easily read your messages and steal your data.

In addition, the lack of moderation tools on some IRC networks exposes users to offensive content and inappropriate behaviour. Cyberstalkers and trolls have taken advantage of anonymity provided by the platform to harass other users and spread malicious content.

According to a survey conducted by ESET in 2019, IRC is still used by cybercriminals as a channel for malware delivery and communication. It’s vital to be wary of suspicious links or attachments sent through IRC chats.

To stay safe while using IRC chat, it’s highly recommended to choose servers that support SSL/TLS encryption and use secure logins. It’s also crucial to avoid sharing sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers over the network.

Overall, while IRC chat has its advantages, such as easy access to global communities and immediate responses, it’s essential to be aware of its potential security vulnerabilities and protect yourself accordingly.

Which websites still use I-R-C to chat?

The big 2 sites I still know that use this are chatterbox UK and Isexychat.


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