Yahoo chat closes its doors, but why ?

Yahoo chat was one of the first places I ever chatted, in its time it was amazing, however the chat world has changed a lot since the days of yahoo chat!

With the emergence of Facebook and Twitter these kind of chat rooms were on borrowed time.

As of December the 14th Yahoo chat closed, citing pressured from its advertisers after some worry about some of the user created rooms that were created on there, with names that were not appropriate, that I couldn’t possible repeat!

Many adverts were dotted around the chat rooms, and there was also a splash page as you entered the chat, with a full page advert, so advertisers were not happy, at getting charged PPC rates for low quality traffic, that was bouncing around the chat rooms.

Yahoo chat rooms were open to everyone at one point but towards the end, they were only available via their Yahoo Messenger, which still exists today and is still doing well, since MSN messenger closed, people now use Yahoo messenger instead.

The problem towards the end were the robots that were in the rooms, as soon as you entered one of the rooms, you were instantly spammed by one of these robots, trying to filter you off to various dodgy websites Also constant messages on the rooms were just spam and it ruined the flow of the chat.

Yahoo did try to fight this but it was a losing battle, with this and the pressure from Yahoos advertisers, Yahoo eventually called time on their chat and have no plans to return to this. I believe a combination of all these issues together became its downfall, am sure Yahoo could have solved these issues, however it would have had a cost, which they were not prepared to risk.

In fact they are not the only people to have done this Microsoft famously closed down their chat rooms for similar reasons, citing worry’s about child safety.

Yahoo chat also didn’t have any age verification and no moderation, so it was always open to abuse, and having people to moderate the room usually adds to the cost of running their website.

All the top Isps had chat rooms at one point as they were a good way to make people stick to your website and provide brand awareness, however all fell foul of abuse, usually from spammers or indeed difficult trolls or chatters, these took staff time to fix, resolve or ban users that were causing these issues.

Here is how the chat rooms looked when they were up and running, along with spammers and ads.

Also not very good publicity to see someone on your website having various arguments with F and C words being thrown around !!!

So when you add all the issues together, it made the demise of Yahoo Chat a matter or time.